Our Work

Industry Engagement & Research - ZWA’s work involves ongoing corporate consulting, industry working groups as well as in-depth research projects to identify and address barriers to zero waste in specific industry sectors and parts of the community.  Partnering with industry, community and Universities we provide high-quality and actionable work that moves zero waste efforts forward.  Studies and programs we are currently supporting include:

Zero Waste Business Network - As a critical element of our vision of a future without waste, ZWA is working to recognize and support the broad spectrum of businesses that contribute to a zero waste economy.  From small thrift stores to large commercial recyclers to industrial design firms, it is critical that communities, consumers and policy makers, understand the value of these organizations.  Through the Zero Waste Business Network, ZWA will inventory businesses driving the creation of a zero waste economy, will facilitate networking, will identify market and policy barriers to the success of these businesses, and, work closely with this unique business community to secure necessary tools and resources.  To learn more about how your business can get involved with the Zero Waste Business Network please contact us.

ResourceFULL Use - As an existing initiative, ZWA is hoping that ResourceFULL Use will serve has a meaningful model for our future market development efforts.  Working with existing partners, Pollution Prevention Resource Center and Columbia Corridor Association, ZWA will help provide resources and technology that scale the current program into a realtime, self-sustaining regional materials market.  More than $20 billion worth of valuable goods and materials unnecessarily enter US landfills on an annual basis. By creating a robust, peer-to-peer marketplace we have the potential to reduce this waste and keep that money active inside of local economies.  If your organization is interested in learning more about ResourceFULL Use or other ZWA market-based initiatives please contact us.

Zero Waste Districts - Working with local governments and other nonprofit organizations ZWA is developing and implementing a comprehensive Zero Waste District program to initiate or complement ongoing urban sustainability initiatives.  By moving away from a business by business approach, these districts are uncovering the benefits of shared policies, practices and infrastructure and more easily able to find markets for their aggregated waste.  Districts are also more able to take on and utilize ZWA's Zero Waste Mapping and Mobile Materials Exchange programs.  If your district or community is exploring opportunities to adopt large scale zero waste strategies please contact us.  You can learn more about our Zero Waste Districts program by clicking here.

The Plastics Disclosure Project - ZWA is partnering with Oceans Recovery Alliance to promote the Plastics Disclosure Project (PDP) to businesses and municipalities throughout the region (www.oceanrecov.org/plastic-disclosure-project/background.html).  PDP is a voluntary program that allows organizations to document and report on their use and disposal of plastics.  Through this process organizations are better able to identify and manage their practices and reduce the plastics emerging as waste.  If you company, campus or community is ready to document and reduce your use of plastics, give us a call.

Webinars & Quarterly ZWA Magazine - ZWA consistently engages industry and communities to facilitate knowledge sharing.  Whether this occurs though our ongoing Webinar series, our research reports or our quarterly digital magazine “ResourceFULL” (coming Septmeber 2012), ZWA is a leading resource for organizations wanting to understand best practices, identify emerging technologies and identify organizations moving us to a future without waste.  To get more information about our outreach and opportunities to promote your organization, contact us.