The Evolution Of Electric Vehicles And Tesla’s Contribution

Many cities in the world have become gas chambers, air quality has surpassed every criterion (even measuring equipment have to upgrade their scale of air quality). If you are thinking that this condition has occurred because of global warming, then you are right. There are many agents which contributed to the state of severe air quality; earlier only intellectuals were talking about air pollution, but time has taken a turn now that nobody can ignore air pollution now. After much deliberation, brainstorming, and experiments creators have invented an alternative fuel to run the vehicles. This invention has shown a little hope to curb this problem and that innovation is electric vehicles running with the help of electricity. Although there are many such inventions happened in the past yet you can save other days for that because this article will revolve around the electric vehicles (hope you like this). Starting from the basics-

What are electric vehicles:

Electric Vehicles (EVs) runs on the electricity stored in rechargeable batteries. In this electric motors are the primary source of ignitions.


  1. Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) - It is considered the true Electric vehicle as a battery is the main source of fuel on which system runs. Here, a battery is responsible to run each and every equipment (an interior system like electronics one and main electric motors). It is charge via high powered charging station.

  2. Hybrid-Electric Vehicles (HEV) - It consists of two propulsion system, the first one is conventional fuel (petrol and diesel), and the second one is an electric system. People prefer this more than the BEV simply because of a dual running system, but anything more doesn’t come at free, that’s why it cost more. This comes with variation in the fuel system, in a few cars there is a smaller fuel engine and larger electric system, and in other, there is vice-versa.

A benefit of Electric Vehicles-

  1. Environment-friendly- As there is no emission from the engine, it will not harm the environment.

  2. Maintenance- as EV has less moving parts compared to conventional fuel, it requires less maintenance.

  3. Good mileage- Running cost is less if you check your overall expenses. 

  4. Health benefits- As air pollution will be less due to EV, so indirectly it will benefit the health of humans.

Challenges for Electric Vehicles-

  1. Battery- Here battery is the avant-garde oil, as nowadays the majority of vehicles are running on oil, similarly in case of electric vehicles battery will hold very much importance. But not many countries have well-established battery research center and they depend on imports, so, much work is still needed to develop to store a large amount of energy.

  2. Charging station- This is indispensable; there is a requirement of high-powered charging station which can ensure the user of fuel round the clock.

  3. Public Awareness- government needs to provide incentives to people so that they can look forward to buying electric vehicles. As people need assurance to move from the conventional fuel (internal combustion engine) to electric vehicles. Also, apart from this, public awareness regarding pollution is needed on a large scale.

Well, this was the first part of the article, now moving on to the next segment. Till now you have gained clear insights of the electric vehicles (EVs) and its time to explore more. There are many players in the market, which are making electric vehicles (EV), Tesla Motors is among them. Tesla Motors is the name synonymous to an electric car, it is a company based in California, founded in 2003, is changing the dynamics of the electric cars through its Solar City subsidiary. It curtailed its name to Tesla in 2017. It has built its exclusive technology to surprise the people by offering at the affordable price. Due to its main focus on the manufacturing the high-end products, it has outsourced its services part, like repair of the auto body part.

There are many Tesla approved body shop which is being approved by the company itself. Here are the few facilities you can avail yourself at these shop-

  • All the tools are exclusive to repair Tesla body parts.

  • You can get a full structural repair on aluminum and steel body.

  • Technicians are factory-trained and they upgrade their skills from time to time.

  • Tesla body repair team members regularly monitor the auto body parts, thereby ensuring the authenticity of the parts.

  • In the case of major repair, these shops use the latest aluminum welding and bonding technology. So that your vehicles can return to its normal state.

  • Here, you can get the services of estimation at your premise; the representative will come to your place and aid you to solve your queries.

Apart from above-mentioned points, Tesla is planning to provide you Auto collision repair facility at your house (so no worries). With this, your vehicles can be repaired on the same day or within an hour by the use of latest technology incorporated by Tesla. This was done as the outside shops take an inordinate amount of time and money to fix the problems, so the company has envisioned its plan to give hassle-free repair center to its customers. Vision to establish is clearly stated by Tesla CEO is that outside repairs shops can repairs any vehicles having thousands of auto parts, which makes them leeway to use any quality of parts to fix the issue. But with the exclusive repair center, you can get a fair deal in a time-bound manner.

Well, this was an exhaustive article, so, it becomes pertinent to give you a synopsis of it. In this, you have seen the pre-electric vehicles era, where vehicles are running on conventional fuels, then came the invention of EVs, also you have seen its types, benefits, and challenges.

Then you have enlightened yourself with Tesla, why they have established Tesla approved body shop to cater their patrons thereby providing various services like Auto collision repair and fixing other issues.