June 9th-15th

Food Waste Challenge Week

Did you know that the average household in the US wastes 35% of their food?  And that annually, food waste in the US accounts for GHG emissions equivalent to 42 coal-fired power plants? (source: USDA)  Combined, those two statistics add up to OPPORTUNITY!  Join the Food Waste Challenge and learn how simple adaptations to how you shop, prepare, consume, and dispose of food can significantly contribute to reducing your carbon footprint and creating a more sustainable future!  

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Week of Action on
Food Waste

Learn why reducing your food waste is among the most critical actions you can take in your home to reduce our emissions. And spend the week getting tactical in key areas for waste reduction.

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Learn how to plan waste out of your week.


Get tips on how to set up your fridge and storage to avoid the “oh shoot” moments.


Learn about zero waste cooking and get some great kitchen tips.


We’ll all have food waste at some point, we’ll help you decide where it should go!


Policies and institutions shape what’s available, we’ll give you some ways to make your voice heard.

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