Returnable Take-Out Container Program

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In 2019, 55.7 million cubic yards of waste were added to landfills in Michigan. Over its lifespan, one reusable takeout container can save up to 1,000 others types of takeout containers from entering our landfills, an important step towards achieving zero waste goals.

We ask that customers return their containers clean; however, to ensure sanitization, t he containers are run through industrial dishwashers at each restaurant before being reused.

We ask that you please return all of your containers as soon as possible after you are finished with the food that was served in them. We have a limited number of containers in circulation and are relying on customers like you to return containers so we can continue the program!

The majority of the containers in the program were produced in the United States by US-based company OZZI.

The containers are made of polypropylene (PP). This is the same material used in many single-serve containers, like yogurt cups. PP is an FDA-approved food contact material and is nonvolatile, meaning it will not react with any type of food.


Yes – the containers are made of polypropylene, which is nonvolatile, meaning it will not react with food. This material is an FDA-approved food contact material.

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