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February 6th-12th, 2022

Join Ann Arbor’s Zero Waste Challenge

Register for our free week-long zero waste challenge to learn how to produce less waste and support the circular economy in Ann Arbor. When you register you’ll be entered to win a giftbasket from local businesses!

Great! We’ll send you an introduction to the challenge shortly with a link for you to recruit your friends

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The Challenge

You’ll join residents and businesses all over the city to try and produce no trash or recycling for a whole week.


The challenge will be led by 6-year zero waste veterans and Ann Arborites, Samuel McMullen and Lydia McMullen-Laird. They’ll show you everything you need to know to have a successful week!

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Perks of Participating

  • Daily lessons on living zero waste in Ann Arbor during the challenge
  • Get access to our circular economy map and resources
  • Get entered to win prizes from our sponsors
  • Special discounts around town when you shop zero waste

Program Schedule

Day 1

You’ll start off learning the basics and groundrules and we’ll give you our zero waste essentials list so you always have what you need out in the world.

Day 2

Learn how to plan a zero waste shopping trip and get some of our favorite recipes and resources for a zero waste kitchen.

Day 3

Learn all things compost! Why composting is our #1 zero waste swap, and how to set up (or find) a compost solution that works for you.

Day 4

Learn how to go zero waste at home, from clothing to cleaning. We’ll tackle hygiene, home office, and show you some tips and resources to get started on your zero waste home!

Day 5

Avoiding waste doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your social life. We’ll give you some pointers and even a script for how to have positive interactions around zero waste.

Day 6

Now you’ll know more than most people do about zero waste and the circular economy! It’s time to take that knowledge out into the world. We’ll give you ways to stay involved and advocate for a zero waste world!

What counts as “zero waste”?

We consider anything produced new for you as “waste”. This includes recycleables and any non-compostable packaging. Importantly it also means any appliances, t-shirts, bags, anything that you purchase new.

What if I produce trash or recycling during the challenge?

No worries! You’re not in this to shame yourself into lowering your waste. It’s all about understanding where your trash comes from, and collecting it over the course of a week is a really helpful way to get an idea where you can make improvements.

How do I enter the giveaway?

After you sign up for the challenge we’ll send you a link to the giveaway. You’ll also get a chance to earn extra entries by sharing the challenge with your friends or on social media!

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Register For Free

Awesome! Now head over to your email to confirm your participation.

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