Join us May 22nd-24th

Help Design a Citywide Reuse System for Cups & Food Containers!

As a thank you for participating you’ll get your choice of $10 of tokens for the Farmers Market or $10 off of costs at the Drop-Off Station. If you’ve got a Michigan Bridge Card you will receive a $40 stipend for your participation. A supervised child’s activity table will be available at the workshops at the Downtown Library and Farmer’s Market.

This event is a collaboration between Recycle Ann Arbor, the City, and Perpetual.

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Monday, May 22nd & Wednesday, May 24th
Downtown Library

Drop in for 30 minutes between 11am and 2pm on Monday the 22nd, or between 5pm and 7pm on Wednesday the 24th to participate in a fun circuit about reuse where you’ll have the chance to provide feedback and shape the system design with us. Thank you gift: $10 at the Farmers Market or Drop Off Station!

Tuesday, May 23rd 12pm-3pm
Recycle Ann Arbor Drop Off Station

Drop off recyclables that you can’t put in the curbside bin and join us for a 30 minute reuse circuit to help design the system in Ann Arbor. Thank you gift: $10 at the Farmers Market or Drop Off Station!

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Wednesday, May 24th 8:30am-12pm
Downtown Farmer’s Market

Provide feedback and help us design the reuse system while doing you farmer’s market shopping. Thank you gift: $10 at the Farmer’s Market or Drop Off Station!

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Imagine receiving your to-go coffee in a borrowed durable cup that keeps the coffee warm until the last drop. When you are done, you toss it into one of many conveniently placed collection bins around town, where it is picked up, washed, and sanitized, to be used again and again. If you could easily borrow and return reusable cups and containers every time you got food or drinks to go, at no cost to you as long as you returned the item, would you do it? 

Reusable foodware programs can offer a better and healthier eating and drinking experience, reduce waste and litter, create good local jobs, keep more money in the local economy, reduce the toxic emissions associated with extraction, transportation and manufacturing of single use plastics, and deliver reductions in net greenhouse gas emissions. 

Would reuse work in Ann Arbor? How might it work best for our community?

Together with the City of Ann Arbor, and Recycle Ann Arbor and the reuse experts at non-profit Perpetual are partnering to explore the opportunity of establishing a city-wide reusable foodware program in our community. 

We want to hear from you! Please join us at one of our drop-in Interactive Community Workshops, where you can learn about reuse, imagine how it would work for Ann Arbor, and provide input to design a system that works for everyone in our community.

On-site childcare will be available at all three public workshops, at no cost. All participants will also receive their choice of $10 of tokens for the Farmers Market or $10 off of costs at the Drop-Off Station. Participants with a Michigan Bridge Card will receive a $40 stipend for your participation.
We ask that all attendees register in advance to allow us to plan accordingly. 

Your input is invaluable!  We hope you will join us for a journey into the reuse landscape!! 

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