Some people don’t care about clothing at all and can wear the same thing everyday without batting an eye, while others live for fashion and find clothes to be a form of creative expression.

Either way, the simplest solution for a zero waste lifestyle is to buy used clothing. You’ll save money and avoid all the pollution and emissions created by the textile industry.There’s a secondhand store in every town, large or small, and you can even scout out higher end thrift stores that feature nearly one-of-a-kind vintage pieces.

Beyond thrifting, the next best option is to buy high quality pieces that you love, will use all the time, and will last forever.

Learning to sew will allow you to give old items a second life. And not washing clothing often will help clothes last longer and is actually where most of the environmental impact lies.

Plan a clothing swap with your friends or community to re-home clothes that no longer bring you joy, and you can find treasures in other people’s closets.

ACTION STEP: Learn how to wash clothes less – without stinking up your social life ​(

EXTRA CREDIT: Google for thrift stores near you and schedule a time this week to go check it out (only if you need/want something).


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