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Valentine’s Day is a time to show the special people in your life how much you care, but it’s also a day that creates a ton of waste.

Here are some Valentine’s Day ideas without the trash:

Cards and Flowers

  • Make your own cards: Show your creativity and love by making your own cards from recycled materials.
  • Go green with your flowers: Choose flowers that are grown locally to reduce your carbon footprint and request them without packaging.

Zero Waste Gifts

  • Homemade baked good, bulk chocolate and candy (and if you want to be extra fancy, you can bring your own box to a chocolate shop)
  • Homemade Crafts: Buy a gift that is second hand or made from upcycled materials… or make something personal and handmade!

Romantic Experiences

  • Enjoy a romantic dinner at home: Make a delicious dinner together with zero waste ingredients from the farmer’s market or local grocery store.
  • Make it a movie night: Make some zero waste stove-top popcorn and watch a romantic classic together.
  • Gift your loved one a luxurious spa day or a massage.

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