Did you know you can make your own cleaning products? Vinegar and baking soda can be used to clean almost anything! Check out our pinterest page linked below for basic recipes from dish soap to laundry detergent. Most cleaning supplies like brooms can also be found used at thrift stores or you can join a DIY swap in your community. If you can’t find what you need used, try to get products made from natural materials like bamboo so you can compost them when they are no longer usable.

You can also make your own rags from old clothes and towels that are passed the point of mending.

Metal scrubbers can easily replace sponges as a zero waste alternative.

For any other home item, from chairs to art to doilies, you can find just about anything used on craigslist, private local facebook groups, and yard sales.

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  1. Wood ash makes a great laundry and dish detergent and requires no shipping or packaging. I don’t even have a wood stove! I just posted an ad on my local “Nextdoor” and my neighbors bring it to me. It is all-natural and puts no synthetics into the water supply.

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